Pannello modulare

What it is

CREO can be used  for wall coverings, doors, furniture and products.

CREO panels can be fully customized with 3D machining, designs, patterns and measurements at the customer's request, for maximum exclusivity of the result.

We also offer a complete catalog, with standard 3D machining, designed to have continuity of design.

A great choice of finishes, ranging from the traditional ones, such as lacquers and veneers, to a variety of ECO coatings (Ecocolor, Ecoleather, Ecowood and Ecotech) and tissues, including manual applications such as leafs and resins, complete the offer of possible solutions.

Pannello modulare
Applicazione a parete


Wall mounting example

The application can be easily done in two simple steps:

1. fix the horizontal aluminum profiles to the wall
2. hang the panels and match them with the special vertical profile

SEzione del pannello